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FundamentalVR is a healthcare technology company with a mission to accelerate human capability via precision simulation and as a result, advance pre-human competence in surgery and additional clinical environments to improve patient outcomes.

We partner with medical device organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare systems to enhance skills acquisition and training globally.

Through our platform Fundamental Surgery, we offer a range of skills and training experiences that facilitate remote and immersive medical training within a virtual reality (VR) environment.

These VR experiences provide situational awareness and allow teams to remotely collaborate, rehearse, and practice in a frictionless, ‘plug and play’ way.

Our patented HapticVR™ environments and experiences deliver the gold standard for skills transfer, allowing users to physically interact with a virtual patient. HapticVR™ enables users to develop the knowledge of how it feels to perform a procedure correctly while providing real-time procedure feedback – helping to build muscle memory that is particularly important in advanced and precise surgical environments. Our haptic technology has been shown in validation studies to improve accuracy and skills development.

Fundamental Team


FundamentalVR is at the forefront of transforming the surgical training landscape, acting as the Acceleration Multiplier for building Competency @ Scale for our customers. Our mission is to propel the healthcare industry toward digital surgery by providing innovative solutions that drive MedTech commercial success.

By flattening the learning curve with immersive VR training, we are helping healthcare teams acquire the necessary skills, master repetition, and develop new competencies for training in intelligent operating rooms. This powers the MedTech commercial model across sales, marketing, product development, innovation, and competency building.

Our platform is purpose-built to address the rigor, skills, and steep learning curve required for specialty suite surgery across various use cases. Boasting superior fidelity, AI/ML data-driven insights, and objective feedback, our platform ensures exactitude at scale, resulting in enhanced training outcomes that elevate performance.

With over 15,000 competency-building sessions conducted globally and accredited by and affiliated with institutions like the AAO, AAOS, and Royal College of Surgeons of England, FundamentalVR remains committed to elevating performance and training skilled surgeons and OR teams at scale.

Join us in reshaping the future of surgical training and patient care, where FundamentalVR stands as the driving force, accelerating Competency @ Scale in the era of digital surgery.

A word from our founders

Our founders
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We are building a company that is helping to improve patient outcomes globally. Today we are seeing the rate of medical innovation soar, with Fundamental Surgery matching this ingenuity in training. Our virtual learning platform allows medical teams to train effectively in a risk-free environment so they can go on to deliver the best results possible when applying these novel products and procedures. Fundamental Surgery opens a world of possibilities, and we are very proud to collaborate with so many industry partners that want to revolutionize medical training with us.

Richard Vincent, CEO and Co-Founder, and Chris Scattergood, Co-Founder

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