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BOLD Awards | Learning Surgical Skills In A VR “Flight Simulator For Surgeons”

July 2023
BOLD Awards interviews Richard Vincent on FundamentalVR's impact on surgical and medical training.
Published July 7, 2023

How much can medtech and healthtech innovation contribute to improved detection, prevention and treatment? Richard Vincent shares the full impact of immersive technology on surgical and medical learning with BOLD Awards.

When it comes to learning, acquiring and fine tuning skills, whether that’s at the beginning of someone’s career or many years into it, when they’re doing continuous professional development, access to good safe places to acquire those skills, learn and use them are difficult to find. It’s expensive, and it’s logistically challenging. Surgeons love our healthtech VR system because we remove the friction. They can take our system home and use it at their leisure. Or they can use it within their department without having to go somewhere else. And teams can get used to working together.

Richard Vincent, CEO & Co-Founder at FundamentalVR

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