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13th -16th May / San Francisco


May 19th – 22nd / Atlanta


19th – 21st / San Francisco

Advanced Therapies

23 – 25 May / London UK


June 1st – 2nd / Santa Clara

LTEN(LifeScience Trainers educators network) 

June 13th / San Antonio

Life Science Market Research

September 21st / Europe


30 Sept –3 Oct / Chicago

TT Group

2nd and 3rd November / Brussels

Upcoming Webinars

Next on: #TheFundamentals Webinar series

The next webinar will be on Robotics, and we will have more to discuss around how immersive technologies can aid in training and education. More information coming soon. 

Vorherige Webinare

Sehen Sie sich unten eines unserer vorherigen Webinare an.

To understand the educational needs of leading residency programs (including NYU, Brigham and Womens/Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins, the NHS, and others) we held a series of three webinars to share best practice in education during the pandemic, to identify technologies that could support programs and to identify opportunities for industry to assist and benefit in the acquisition and deployment of the VR. The webinars are available to rewatch on the right-hand side of this page.

If you’d like to be part of the next webinar then please email