Orbis International is a charity that brings people together to fight avoidable blindness. Fundamental Surgery is helping Orbis on their mission by supplying a hapticVR cataract procedure training simulation for use in the developing world.

Novartis needed a reproducible simulation of administration of ocular gene therapy using virtual reality. FundamentalVR created a haptic simulation, for a sub-retinal injection, which has been reviewed by several leading KOLs and is seen as being a very exciting medical education tool for surgeon to train on subretinal injection

Even prior to the pandemic, orthopaedic surgeons at NHS St Georges Hospital in the UK were seeking more exposure to hands-on and data-driven learning opportunities to shorten the learning curve of surgical training. At NHS St Georges the Fundamental Surgery platform has now been mandated to be part of the orthopaedic training program. All the Junior Orthopedic Research Fellowss, Core Trainees and Orthopaedic Registrars are able to access and utilise the FVR Platform on a regular basis.