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DeviceTalks, Boston

DeviceTalks Boston FundamentalVR

DeviceTalks, Boston

March 20 – 23 2023

Meet with the Fundamental Team at this year’s Device Talks where we will be speaking and exhibiting to demonstrate the full power of virtual reality (VR) in accelerating product and procedure adoption.


Title: Is the Future Already Here? Accelerate Product Adoption Through Immersive VR Training
Speaker: Richard Vincent, CEO and Co-Founder at FundamentalVR
Time: Wednesday, May 10 | 2:00pm – 2:50pm EDT

A growing body of scientific evidence and validation has demonstrated the value of Virtual Reality vs. Traditional Training across various healthcare specialties. FundamentalVR works at the intersection of immersive technology using VR, haptics (the sense of touch), and machine learning.

Through our platform that facilitates remote and immersive medical training, medical device, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare systems are able to enhance skills acquisition and training globally, and as a result, accelerate product adoption and drive significant cost savings.

This talk will demonstrate the value of VR and haptic feedback using real-life examples and case studies.

Book a demo at Booth #403 with our virtual reality expert, Mike McGowan, here.

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