As experts in simulation, we’re creating the industry standard to accelerate safe and effective adoption, training and utilization of your image guided interventional products and procedures

Our virtual showroom and education platform have been adopted by medical device companies worldwide – with outstanding results.

Market penetration

The Fundamental Surgery platform enables companies to enter markets more quickly and at a lower cost. With VR, you can instantly reach a larger audience at scale.

Product adoption

By replacing long-term implementation processes with portable, cost-effective solutions which provide the same training experience, we are able to accelerate clinical adoption for new products and procedures using virtual reality. Get your product into the hands of your sales representatives and clinicians as soon as possible.

Shorten the learning curve

Train at your leisure. You should be able to train your clients in a safe, repeatable, and objective manner from the comfort of their own home.

Ease of use

Everything that can be used is off-the-shelf, portable, and simple to set up. Simply plug in and start learning.


The Fundamental Surgery platform includes not only high-resolution graphics that mimic real-life visuals, but also a layer of physics-based tactile feedback to simulate the same feelings as a real patient. Put your operators and/or team in a virtual cath lab and use it to host client meetings and sales training sessions.

Integrating actual medical devices into VR

Within the virtual space, create a digital twin of your medical device. From the comfort of your own living room, interact and engage with the medical device or product as you would in real life.

Easy access to data dashboard of all user activity, progress and trends 

Instant visual access to all data points recorded throughout the platform’s use from any device, anywhere. Providing actionable insight and knowledge into compliance, safe skill distribution, and user trends.

Multiuser platform using CollaborationVR

With an unlimited number of users able to use and engage within the Fundamental Surgery platform, as well as the ability to access from anywhere, all costly logistical challenges are eliminated.

Meet colleagues and customers from all over the world with CollaborationVR, our virtual meeting space for healthcare professionals. CollaborationVR is a simple, low-cost way to reap the benefits of teamwork without having to travel. This product is ideal for clinical training, product development, sales team engagement, and customer meetings.

CollaborationVR is a standalone, multiuser capability within our award-winning Fundamental Surgery platform. Adopted by life science companies worldwide – with outstanding results – CollaborationVR is designed to facilitate surgical, clinical and team training for users wherever and whenever. With ready-to-use tools, content-sharing capabilities and multiple environment options, CollaborationVR is immediately usable and compatible with leading VR headsets.

Sales and marketing

Meet your customers anywhere in the world in our virtual showroom, where users can trial image guided interventional products and procedures

Surgical team rehearsal

Invite surgeons to train together from the comfort of their own homes with our multiuser capability.

Surgeon rehearsal 

Recreating a real-life experience on our VR platform means surgeons can rehearse wherever and whenever convenient, freeing up the OR.

Internal Technical training

Our technical training solutions for endovascular companies enable scalable training and measurement for your entire workforce.

Request an Endovascular Demonstration

Request an Endovascular Demonstration