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Environmental Social Governance

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Environmental, Social, and Governance covers our approach to risk analysis and mitigation for a stronger, more sustainable company.

FundamentalVR considers itself as an agent for change in medical education, democratising access to healthcare training, providing better patient outcomes. Like any other business, our work has an impact on our customers, our staff, the wider community and the environment and we take these responsibilities seriously.

Good health and wellbeing
Gender Equality
Reduced Inequalities
Climate Action

We are proud to directly impact these UN Sustainability Goals

The launch of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015 has made clear that the global community of countries relies heavily on the private sector to solve some of the most urgent problems the world is facing.

Accessible training for the modern age

We contribute to good health and well-being by providing lower-cost, high-impact, high-fidelity training solutions for healthcare professionals across a range of disciplines and settings. The World Health Organisation estimates that 5 Billon people worldwide do not currently have access to safe, timely and affordable surgical care and anaesthesia. In low- and middle-income countries, 9 out of 10 people cannot access even the most basic surgical services.

We work with healthcare systems, life-science companies and medical charities to tailor training simulations, and deploy these to some of the most inaccessible places in the world, delivering healthcare training at a level that is otherwise impossible to achieve.

The environment for today, and tomorrow

We understand the importance of our impact on the environment, and our responsibility to ensure that not only do we steward resources responsibly, but that we ensure safe and healthy environments for staff, suppliers, customers and patients.

We work with our supply chain to buy responsibly, looking for green energy alternatives and to minimise e-waste. We also develop software solutions that allow users to train and collaborate remotely, saving time and energy in travelling that can be better directed into clinical practice.

Strong focus on diversity and gender equality

Our ESG policy guides us in regards to environmental, social and government factors in terms of the talent we employ, who we chose to work with in our supply chain, and who we chose to work with as customers. We have a strong focus on diversity and gender equality, as we have identified lack of those to be a major challenge, both in the software industry and start-up community. We work for an inclusive and diverse environment, within our firm and supply chain. We promote this view internally and externally, as we work for diversity and equal opportunity in recruitment processes.

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