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FundamentalVR Announces Partnership with Leading Robotics Expert Haply Robotics

FundamentalVR and Haply Robotics announce their new partnership that will support FundamentalVR’s mission to transform traditional surgical training methods through virtual reality (VR).
Written by Jenny O'Malley
Published March 30, 2023

BOSTON, MA – March 30, 2023 – FundamentalVR, a global leader in immersive surgical training through ground-breaking HapticVRTM technology, and Haply Robotics, an award-winning technology expert in the fields of haptics and robotics technologies, are thrilled to announce their new partnership that will support FundamentalVR’s mission to transform traditional surgical training methods through virtual reality (VR), and deliver to users a ground-breaking and immersive experience.

As an expert in the fields of haptics and robotics technologies, Haply Robotics develops highly portable, performant, and affordable haptic controllers, led by their flagship Inverse3 device. The partnership is the latest in a series of strategic moves by FundamentalVR that will expand its offering to procedures that require high fidelity reach.

“We are always looking for innovative ways to expand and improve our SaaS platform Fundamental Surgery. We are thrilled to be partnering with Haply Robotics – a leader in kinesthetic grounded haptics – and continue to support our medical device and pharmaceutical partners’ educational programs to allow better product adoption by advancing our strategy for a hardware agnostic openplatform and its skills transfer capabilities.”

Richard Vincent, Co-founder and CEO of FundamentalVR

Through VR and HapticVRTM technology, the Fundamental Surgery platform allows for collaborative clinical training, while improving patient outcomes and lowering surgical risks during even the most complex and challenging surgeries. Its patented technology mimics the physical touch of surgical actions and accurately simulates the sensations of bone textures, muscle, and soft tissue.

“We’re excited to support FundamentalVR’s rapidly growing business strategy by providing an integral component of a complete high-fidelity simulation solution. Haply’s haptic devices will enhance FundamentalVR’s developed virtual environment and medical training scenarios through force feedback and sense of touch.”

Colin Gallacher, President and Co-Founder of Haply Robotics

About FundamentalVR

FundamentalVR delivers immersive multi-user simulations called ‘Blended VR’ underpinned with HapticVRTM interactions that enable device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies to accelerate adoption and compliance across their customer and internal training programs provided on the multimodal Fundamental Surgery platform. The platform allows for full rehearsal of medical and surgical procedures, providing deep data insight into competency and skills development, accelerating safe adoption across the board, and is the only platform accredited by leading global education institutions. The unlimited multi-user capabilities and mixed modalities all work individually or together for each business case, accelerating the time in which products and procedures can be brought to market and improve patient outcomes.

About Haply Robotics

Haply Robotics is a Canada-based and award-winning company specializing in the fields of haptics and robotics technologies. Led by its flagship Inverse3 haptic controller, Haply develops portable, high-performing, and affordable haptic controllers.  Haply’s haptic devices have applications ranging from medical simulation, industrial robotics, and 3D design to video gaming. Supported by an ever-growing team of engineers, software developers, manufacturing experts, and researchers, Haply is continuously evolving its solution to ensure that its partners and end-users benefit from the most realistic sense of touch available. Haply’s mission is to foster a diverse community of innovators, pioneering intuitive, new haptic technologies, and realize them as world-class products that enliven our connection with the digital world.

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