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FundamentalVR Keeps Pace With Leading Immersive Hardware

February 2024
The appetite for a new player in VR hardware is palpable. FundamentalVR is set to embrace Apple Vision Pro on its platform this February.
Published February 13, 2024

Author: Chris Scattergood, Co-Founder of FundamentalVR

Apple’s latest product, Apple Vision Pro, is set to revolutionize the market for professional users in the life sciences industry. Ahead of its launch on February 2, Apple Vision Pro executives Mike Rockwell and Alan Dye have already given its employees vital insight into the potential enterprise uses of spatial computing, with surgical use and education sitting top of the list.

As reported by Bloomberg, Rockwell and Dye shared a video with Apple employees last week to discuss the potential impact and future applications of the device. The most striking takeaways did not come from commentary on the consumer-focused features, which have taken center-stage thus far. Instead, the most promising hint was to enterprise applications for groundbreaking uses in medical procedures, equipment repair, and education.

In the transcript of the video conversation by Bloomberg, Rockwell highlighted the prospects for Apple Vision Pro in surgical settings, explaining the challenges surgeons often face in accessing multiple formats and sources of information during procedures. The mixed-reality headset could potentially consolidate this data, streamlining surgeons’ data access to improve their workflow and ultimately enhance patient outcomes.

The impact of Apple Vision Pro will be undeniable, and I am proud to say that over the last few months, key members of our development team at FundamentalVR have been attending multiple lab sessions with Apple to get hands-on with Apple Vision Pro to ensure compatibility with our immersive VR platform.

This is a really exciting time for spatial computing, and the advances Apple Vision Pro brings are miles ahead of the current industry standards in many areas. We look forward to delivering the first experiences for key customers in the coming months.

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