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FundamentalVR Makes History at the 2023 BOLD Awards as the First Organization to Win Three Awards

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  • FundamentalVR Makes History at the 2023 BOLD Awards as the First Organization to Win Three Awards
April 2023 FundamentalVR makes history as the first company to win three awards in one night at this year's BOLD Awards. The winning projects involved collaborations with our esteemed partners CMR Surgical, Houston Methodist Institute for Technology, Innovation & Education, and Orbis International.
Published April 18, 2023

BOSTON, MA – April 18, 2023 – FundamentalVR, a global leader in immersive surgical training, is proud to announce that it has been awarded three BOLD Awards – making history as the first organization to win three awards – for ‘Boldest Robotics’, ‘Boldest HealthTech’, and ‘Boldest Metaverse.’ These distinguished accolades honor FundamentalVR’s commitment to innovate surgical training methods globally, strengthened through their partnerships with CMR Surgical (CMR), a leader in global surgical robotics; the Houston Methodist Institute for Technology, Innovation & Education (MITIESM ), a pioneer in medical technology; and Orbis International (Orbis), a leading global eye care nonprofit.

Attracting entries from over 50 countries across the globe, the prestigious international BOLD Awards recognize top companies, projects, and individuals powering breakthroughs around the world in crowdsourcing, open innovation, and numerous technology sectors, and celebrate the innovators who create them.

Awarded in the category of ‘Boldest Robotics,’ the partnership between FundamentalVR and CMR saw the two industry-leading companies develop immersive training programs for the Versius® Surgical Robotic System. A surgical robot that offers precision, accuracy, and dexterity, the CMR Versius® enables medical professionals to perform minimal access surgery and allows patients the highest quality of care. Today, combined with the Fundamental Surgery platform, CMR provides the first soft-tissue robotics system to offer virtual reality (VR) training, known as Versius® Virtual Reality. To learn more, click here.

FundamentalVR’s second BOLD Award was presented for the ‘Boldest Metaverse’ category to honor the company’s partnership with MITIESM . For the project, FundamentalVR created a virtual auditorium and study space – the MITIEverse – where MITIESM  can offer engaging teaching and immersive learning to medical students across the globe. Through the MITIEverse, users can interact with world-leading surgeons and healthcare providers, understand complex surgical procedures through case study video footage and anatomical 3D models, and network with medical device and digital health companies to learn about emerging technologies. The introduction of MITIESM  to Fundamental Surgery marks a significant stamp of approval for the medical use of the metaverse in educational institutions. To learn more, click here.

The ‘Boldest HealthTech’ category was awarded to FundamentalVR for its work with global eye care nonprofit Orbis to ensure everyone has access to quality eye care, no matter where they live. With the goal to train more eye surgeons effectively all around the world, FundamentalVR and Orbis created a manual small incision cataract surgery (MSICS) simulation that utilizes haptic feedback and affordable technology. The simulator offers the potential for accessibility and scalability to countries that bear the greatest burden of avoidable vision loss. Currently, 17 simulators can be found worldwide where user feedback is informing further developments to the technology. To learn more, click here.

“We are incredibly grateful to be recognized in three categories this year by the BOLD Awards. The support from our partners has led us to this phenomenal point of recognition, and we’ll continue to work together to innovate our platform as we aid immersive surgical training globally.”

Richard Vincent, Co-Founder and CEO of FundamentalVR

About FundamentalVR

FundamentalVR delivers immersive multi-user simulations called ‘Blended VR’ underpinned with HapticVR interactions that enable device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies to accelerate adoption and compliance across their customer and internal training programs provided on the multimodal Fundamental Surgery platform. The platform allows for full rehearsal of medical and surgical procedures, providing deep data insight into competency and skills development, accelerating safe adoption across the board, and is the only platform accredited by leading global education institutions. The unlimited multi-user capabilities and mixed modalities all work individually or together for each business case, accelerating the time in which products and procedures can be brought to market and improving patient outcomes.

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