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FundamentalVR Achieves Bronze Certification by Greenly, Recognizing Commitment to Climate Responsibility

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  • FundamentalVR Achieves Bronze Certification by Greenly, Recognizing Commitment to Climate Responsibility
Greenly, renowned climate tech organization and Certified B Corp, recognizes FundamentalVR's commitment to sustainability and carbon reduction efforts over the past 3 years.
Published April 22, 2024

Boston, MA – April 22, 2024 – Today FundamentalVR, proudly announced that it has been awarded the esteemed Bronze Certification by Greenly, a reputable organization renowned for its expertise in assessing corporate climate performance and digital carbon footprints. As a global leader in immersive surgical training, FundamentalVR is delighted to receive this recognition, which acknowledges its commitment to sustainable practices and significant efforts to address climate challenges.

Receiving the Bronze Certification is a significant accomplishment for FundamentalVR, as it demonstrates that they are among the top 30% of evaluated companies in terms of their commitment to transparency regarding emissions and efforts to reduce them. This certification serves as proof of FundamentalVR’s responsible approach towards carbon management and their dedication to creating a more environmentally-friendly future.

To obtain this Certification, FundamentalVR calculated their carbon footprint, scope 1,2,3 and published it on the ADEME/CDP. 

“We at FundamentalVR are thrilled to have been awarded the Bronze Certification by Greenly. This recognition confirms our ongoing commitment to integrating sustainability practices in all aspects of our operations. We remain dedicated to decreasing our carbon footprint and advocating for a more environmentally-friendly business environment.”

Derek Nicholson, Operations Director at FundamentalVR

Greenly carefully evaluates a company’s carbon footprint, climate strategies, and eco-friendly initiatives to certify its sustainability. FundamentalVR is proud to have received the Bronze Certification, which recognizes its impressive performance in these areas. This certification confirms that FundamentalVR is committed to international climate goals and the objectives of the Paris Agreement. 

Receiving the Bronze Certification is a significant milestone for FundamentalVR, as it reflects the integration of environmental responsibility into its core values and practices. The recognition also highlights FundamentalVR’s transparency and accountability, setting an example for other businesses to follow suit. 

Joining a select group of enterprises dedicated to advancing global sustainability goals, FundamentalVR is motivated to continue innovating and leading positive change in its industry and beyond. The Bronze Certification serves as a reminder of the importance of sustainability and the impact businesses can have on the world.

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About Greenly

Greenly is a climate tech company that offers a unique software which enables SMB’s to measure, reduce and offset their carbon footprint based on international carbon accounting standards such as the GHG Protocol.

Greenly brings out the best of technology to carbon footprint, by interfacing with data sources collected and analyzed automatically. By carrying out the GHG assessment more quickly, Greenly focuses on carbon reduction strategies, employee training and supplier engagement to help companies reduce their emissions sustainably.

From carbon reduction strategies to offsetting measures, Greenly helps companies track their footprint seamlessly and improve their impact.

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