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Hospital Management | Hospital 2040: Simulation in healthcare training

November 2023
The field of simulated experiences in healthcare training has seen rapid technological expansion in the past few years. Hospital Management speaks to Richard Vincent, CEO and Co-Founder of FundamentalVR to hear how immersive VR is accelerating medical training today, particularly in surgical robotics.
Published November 21, 2023

The versatile nature of VR and simulation means that it can be applied across a wide range of disciplines across a hospital setting, from surgeons to ancillary staff, as a means of producing a unified outcome. Richard Vincent shares how CMR Surgical is using the FundamentalVR platform to improve the competency of its staff on its robotic system set-up at scale.

“The technical set-up of [CMR Surgical’s robotic system], traditionally they would bring people to a physical location, spend a few days in that location going through technical scenarios, which takes staff out of the clinical environment and puts them into another one.

Today, instead of that what happens is VR headsets are shipped to those people in their location where they are able to undertake that training at their own discretion, in their own time-zone, in their own timeframe, making the onboarding of that process much more seamless.”

Richard Vincent, CEO & Co-Founder of FundamentalVR

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