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Dr. Phil Pucher

Global Medical Panel, General Surgery
General Surgery Registrar and Clinical Lecturer at Imperial College London.

Philip Pucher has a specialist interest in oesophageal and gastric surgery.  He has trained in a number of countries and health systems, having been educated in Canada, Austria, and the UK.

He also holds an honorary clinical lectureship with Imperial College London, and has published over 80 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters in some of the highest impact surgical journals.  His specific areas of expertise includes virtual and augmented reality, training, and simulation.  He works regularly and sits on the committees of a number of international surgical societies in the USA, Europe, and UK.

Having developed and validated training and simulation programmes for academic contexts, he has brought this expertise to FundamentalVR to help develop innovative and engaging products which will shorten surgical learning curves and improve patient care.

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