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FundamentalVR expanding global sales network

FundamentalVR, pioneers of immersive training technology for the medical community, named Hybrid Health as its channel partner for Australia and New Zealand markets.
Published October 12, 2018

The company is looking to Hybrid Health’s connections to energize FundamentalVR’s entry into this market to help expand its sales network. It is also hoping to spread and further develop the company’s global training platform, Fundamental Surgery SaaS platform that combines virtual reality (VR) with cutting-edge haptics to create a low-cost and scalable flight simulator experience for trainee and qualified surgeons.

FundamentalVR says, unlike other medical training simulations, it creates an authentic environment that lets users experience and navigate the same visuals, sounds and feelings they would during a real surgical procedure.

As part of the launch of Fundamental Surgery across Australia and New Zealand, the company hopes this platform that is designed to improve patient outcomes while combating the increasing cost of medical training will be well received by these two countries where medical training tops $1 billion annually. The initial offering focuses on training packages within the Orthopedic Surgical disciplines, including Spinal Pedicle Screw, Posterior Hip Replacement and Total Knee Arthroplasty. More orthopedic procedures and some for other disciplines, like general surgery are slated for Q4 2018, and cardiovascular slated for 2019.

Hybrid Health will continue the company’s global mission to democratize surgical simulation training, allowing it to be easily accessible to every surgeon in the world.

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