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MedTech Insight Explores Apple Vision Pro’s Promising Potential in Healthcare With FundamentalVR

February 2024
CEO and Co-Founder Richard Vincent shares with MedTech Insight the exciting use cases he foresees for Apple Vision Pro in the healthcare space, and how it is already helping to streamline immersive VR medical training.
Published February 8, 2024

FundamentalVR is already witnessing the immense benefits of Apple Vision Pro in improving immersive VR medical training, having developed a simulated catheter placement procedure app specific to the hardware (available via invite in the App Store). From increasing the fidelity of simulations to creating a simplified hardware setup experience, the quality of Apple Vision Pro is evident. Its predicted applications in healthcare reach training, secure patient data capture, post-surgery pastoral care, and beyond.

“The thing that excites us and I think excites Apple as well, it’s a combination of the visual fidelity of the Vision Pro plus kinesthetic haptics. We’re using the Vision Pro to power a haptic device, so we’re removing part of the infrastructure that we normally use, which is really exciting. So, today, if the team was to share any photos of our current setup you’d see three things – the headset, you’d see a laptop or Mac, and you’d see the haptic devices. With Vision Pro, we get rid of the laptop or the Mac. You don’t need that anymore.”

Richard Vincent, Co-Founder and CEO of FundamentalVR

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