Scalable Training Through Virtual Reality via an Accredited, Measurable Low-cost Platform 

FundamentalVR provides an alternative VR training tool for ophthalmology, which has the ability to objectively measure performance showing trends in confidence leading to consistency and compliance across the board, all available on off-the-shelf low-cost hardware.

The patented HapticVR technology enables safe and compliant skills transfer by simulating high fidelity in some of the most delicate procedures, such as incisions, trocar placement, and scleral tissue manipulation, providing a safe, and repeatable environment to train your workforce and sales teams.

Remotely provide coaching and training through the unique unlimited multiuser capability from anywhere in the world. Share equipment, procedures or case files to aid understanding and accelerate confidence.

Bridging the physical divide at scale.

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The Fundamental Surgery software platform, which uniquely utilizes low-cost off-the-shelf equipment, whilst incorporating HapticVR technology enables users to have access to high fidelity, at scale.

The platform supports procedural standardization and adherence to the instructions for use of a device or steps of a procedure, driving safe and compliant adoption and key to successful patient outcomes.

The platform provides a robust infrastructure to ensure content consistency and ease of updates instantly disseminated across all users globally.

Using the HapticVR technology, we have the capability of simulating and measuring the most delicate interactions of tissue textures including; incisions, trocar placement and scleral tissue manipulation

Device training and compliance: Create a digital twin of medical products and devices to train surgeons on safe and compliant use



Orbis, in collaboration with FundamentalVR, has developed a training platform for ophthalmology students to practice procedures without a professor present.

The expert knowledge has been used to create tailored solutions for Life Sciences companies and a cataract surgical simulator for the global eye care NGO Orbis International.  The highly regarded organization works to end avoidable blindness by training eye care teams in low- and middle-income countries so they can save and restore vision in their communities. Orbis is deploying FundamentalVR’s educational simulation for cataract surgery in select residency training prgrams and prospective digital training hubs to evaluate the impact on residents’ surgical skills and obtain user feedback to inform further software developments.

Drs. David and Victoria Chang and the ASCRS Foundation have donated funding toward the development of VR surgical training tools.Gil Kliman, Managing Director of InterWest Partners and an Orbis Board Member, has also donated toward general support of the Fund.


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