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The Fundamental Surgery platform hosts our HapticVR™, StandaloneVR, and CollaborationVR capabilities. They can be used individually or in combination at scale to deliver customized virtual training solutions. Start your VR journey with us today.


Fundamental Surgery’s patented kinesthetic haptic systems accurately simulate the sensations of bone textures, muscle, and soft tissue, alongside their interaction with surgical tools and medical devices. Clinically proven to accelerate the rate of skills acquisition. Now is the time to leverage sense of touch in training.

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Complementing our HapticVR™ and CollaborationVR features, StandaloneVR delivers procedural rehearsal and situational awareness all through a simple standalone VR device. Access cutaneous haptics and continue to train with colleagues from anywhere in the world, all while receiving real-time AI data insights.


Meet colleagues and customers in virtual ORs or training spaces from anywhere in the world with CollaborationVR – our virtual space for healthcare professionals to come together. CollaborationVR is a frictionless, low-cost way to experience all the benefits of teamwork without physical travel. A game changer for clinical training, product development, sales team engagement and customer meetings.

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From users’ economy of movement and surgical gaze to respect for tissue and consideration of human factors, our platform tracks it all. Fundamental Surgery’s real-time AI data assessments inform learning and improve performance.

Journey through VR with Fundamental Surgery

The Fundamental Surgery platform has been built with flexibility and capability range at its core. Whatever training, education, or collaboration you need, our platform can support your use case. Over time your needs may change and it is reassuring to know that Fundamental Surgery is the only platform that can flex and grow with your organization.

Today you may want video content in a collaborative shared space, tomorrow, a procedural rehearsal. In the future, a full skills transfer using integrated HapticVR™ capabilities. Fundamental Surgery is fully adaptable and will travel that journey with you, and all of this on the only platform which has universal hardware compatibility.

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