Meet colleagues and customers from anywhere in the world with CollaborationVR, our virtual space for healthcare professionals to come together. CollaborationVR is a frictionless, low-cost way to experience all the benefits of teamwork without physical travel. A game changer for clinical training, product development, sales team engagement and customer meetings.


What is CollaborationVR?

CollaborationVR is a multi-user capability within our award-winning Fundamental Surgery platform. It can be used as a standalone product or integrated into your own procedural use case.

Adopted by industry leaders worldwide, this functionality allows users to enter our virtual classroom and OR to interact with colleagues. Collaborate, practice using a product or procedure, interact with replicas of medical instruments and devices, and receive instant feedback from advisors and peers. We are global experts in creating collaborative spaces that are fully equipped to provide a seamless training experience.

Why CollaborationVR Works

Enhanced interactivity

Our ready-to-use virtual spaces allow you to share and capture a range of content, including pre-recorded videos, live feeds, images and presentations. Users can work together on whiteboards and annotate shared content using marker pens and laser pointers, just like in a physical training or meeting scenario. This fully optimized training environment is made to enhance collaborative and didactic learning.

Virtual ORs grant the same freedom to learn as users can engage with peers and instructors while supported by high fidelity graphics and digital replicas.

Accurate digital replicas

Arthroscopic devices, drills, C-arms, R&D devices – you name it, we can create it. Fundamental Surgery meticulously builds accurate virtual replicas of medical instruments and equipment so that teams can practice usage before applying learnings in real life.

This approach allows your team to interact with in-demand tools, develop the perfect iteration of your medical device, and much more while saving on logistical costs and time.

Digital replicas
Large scale training

Large Scale Training

With uncapped user limits, large numbers of healthcare professionals can train simultaneously using VR. Traditional logistic heavy and costly training cycles can now be replaced by advanced remote learning capabilities.

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