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Fundamental Surgery’s patented kinesthetic haptic system accurately simulates the sensations of bone textures, muscle, and soft tissue, along with their interaction with surgical tools and medical devices. Clinically proven to accelerate the rate of skills acquisition. Now is the time to leverage sense of touch in your training.


What is HapticVR™?

Our HapticVR™ capability enables surgeons to experience accurate physical sensations of the human anatomy. This allows them to feel the physical cues to hone and rehearse precision skills in a safe, secure, and measurable environment.

This highly intuitive solution delivers a gold standard of learning by leveraging at scale the power of cutaneous and kinesthetic haptics capabilities. These enable an extensive rehearsal of medical and surgical procedures. Paired with deep data insights into competency and skills development, HapticVR™ is the perfect way to rapidly promote practical skills transfer.

The Dr Haptics Series


The Difference in Haptics


The Value in Haptics


The Empirical Evidence


The Future of Haptics

The power of kinesthetic haptics

Fundamental Surgery covers a wide range of haptic sensations through our software utilizing robust standard, off-the-shelf hardware.

Kinesthetic haptics offer up realistic force-feedback and precision through weighted placement. This allows for a faster build up to skill mastery and muscle memory.

We are the only company in this space to replicate soft tissue sensations in VR. Haptics are proven through repeated validation studies to accelerate skills acquisition and significantly improve confidence.

Our platform’s unique blending of haptics delivers outstanding training outcomes.

Why HapticVR™ works



Wherever you choose to begin your simulation and VR journey, our HapticVR™ systems can support and scale with you in line with your business needs.


Shortening the learning curve

Haptic technology is proven to improve the safe use of surgical tools by 40% over non-haptic VR training.

With Fundamental Surgery replicating sense of touch down to granular detail, we help users experience the sensations encountered in real-life surgery. This helps build confidence in applying the skills learned in VR training to their patients.



Access a new level of immersion in training. HapticVR™ supports skills development and learning via muscle memory. Sense of touch is vital in medical training and we provide the best haptic-enabled simulations.

HapticVR™ provides the repeatability, consistency, and unlimited practice opportunities that are pivotal to improving medical training and accelerating surgical skills acquisition.

Journey through VR with Fundamental Surgery

The Fundamental Surgery platform has been built with flexibility and capability range at its core. Whatever training, education, or collaboration you need, our platform can support your use case. Over time your needs may change and it is reassuring to know that Fundamental Surgery is the only platform that can flex and grow with your organization.

Today you may want video content in a collaborative shared space, tomorrow, a procedural rehearsal. In the future, a full skills transfer using integrated HapticVR™ capabilities. Fundamental Surgery is fully adaptable and will travel that journey with you, and all of this on the only platform which has universal hardware compatibility.

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