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Complementing our HapticVR™ and CollaborationVR features, StandaloneVR delivers procedural rehearsal and situational awareness all through a simple standalone VR device. Access cutaneous haptics and continue to train with colleagues from across the globe, while receiving real-time AI data insights. StandaloneVR is your answer to continuous improvement in training on the move.
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What is StandaloneVR

StandaloneVR is our compact training solution used on standalone headsets for anytime and anywhere use. It can be taken home, to your office, to the hospital, or on your travels.

This flexible mode of learning does not compromise on training quality. It tracks and evaluates performance in each surgical step. All metrics feed into one singular data dashboard that is designed to provide fast and actionable insights, highlighting clear learning pathways and overall skills development across cohorts.

Train with flexibility



Fully immersive simulation for true OR situational awareness



Experience real-time AI feedback to learn as you go


Data-backed learning

Access and review all training data via the Data Dashboard to inform future training sessions



Experience cutaneous haptics to support full skills development

Why StandaloneVR works

Enhanced interactivity

Our ready-to-use virtual spaces allow you to share and capture a range of content, including pre-recorded videos, live feeds, images and presentations. Users can work together on whiteboards and annotate shared content using marker pens and laser pointers, just like in a physical training or meeting scenario. This fully optimized training environment is made to elevate collaborative and didactic learning.

Virtual ORs grant the same freedom to learn as users can engage with peers and instructors while supported by high fidelity graphics and digital replicas.

Large scale training

With uncapped user limits, dozens of healthcare professionals can be training simultaneously in VR. Gone are the days of logistic heavy and costly training cycles as HCPs can now engage in learning remotely with all the virtual tools needed to succeed.

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