SITUATION HAPTICS: Fundamental Surgery’s Global Medical Panel met recently in London and got into a wide-ranging discussion about the role of VR and haptics in surgical training.

We thought you might be interested to join the conversation….

Fundamental Surgery is guided and informed by a group of senior clinicians – our Global Medical Panel – who not only ensure the authenticity of our simulations. But generally inspire our direction of travel.

Fundamental Surgery VR simulations with haptics. Driving fundamental change in the world of medical training with virtual reality surgical simulations

It’s Fundamental Surgery’s unique combination of SHIE ™ technology with VR simulation that generates maximum immersion.

SITUATION HAPTICS: One area of development that has featured heavily in our work has been the coupling of immersive VR with haptic feedback.  This is genuinely unique technology that we have created for Fundamental Surgery, and it’s powered our proprietary Surgical Haptics Intelligence Engine – or SHIE (TM)