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Use Cases

Training External V2

Physician and Healthcare Teams Training

Accelerate the learning curve and expedite the smooth adoption of your product or procedure by building an immersive, flexible VR simulation that can demonstrate usage remotely to clients across the globe. Backed by world-leading haptic technology and accurate digital replicas, our simulations offer a level of data-backed learning that you will not find anywhere else.

Training Internal V2

Sales and Clinical Support Teams

Ensure your sales and clinical support teams sell with complete confidence. Immersive training modules can quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively improve case support competency while fast tracking independence in the field.

Pre Commercial V3

Clinical trials and R&D

Use our platform capabilities to assist with every step of product launch. Collaborate, test, teach and understand human factors in our multi-user spaces to support R&D, clinical development, and FDA clearance of your life-changing inventions.

Marketing HR V2

Marketing, Promotional, & HR teams

Build an immersive VR experience that will reinforce your company’s message, skills, and capabilities to your audience. Communicate product and procedure benefits in an easily-to-consume and interactive way at events, within the onboarding process, and more.