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Scale your training platform with fully virtual, immersive, and collaborative CathLab and OR environments. Enable the complete simulation of endovascular procedure workflows and non-invasive diagnostic imaging, evaluation, and therapeutics.

Endovascular Hero

How we aid medical training

As simulation experts, we are setting the industry standard for accelerating the safe and effective adoption, training, and utilization of image guided interventional products and procedures.

True immersion

Delivering true immersion

Our high fidelity graphics are layered with haptic feedback and paired with accurate hardware models of medical instruments, allowing you to access a new level of immersion in training. Life-like medical training improves confidence, aids muscle memory, and facilitates faster skills acquisition.

Data insights

We can objectively measure performance - showing trends with confidence that lead to consistency and compliance across the board. All available on off-the-shelf, low-cost hardware.

Data Dashboard
Large scale training

Multi-user Capabilities

Provide remote training through our uncapped multi-user capability from anywhere. Engage with equipment, demo procedures, or share case files to aid understanding and accelerate confidence. The simple answer to bridging the physical divide.

Experience Fundamental Surgery for yourself

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