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immersive VR Medical Device Training

Implement a customized, flexible, and cost-effective training solution to accelerate the rollout of your medical device, surgical robotic system, or product.

See how CMR Surgical and Teleflex have used our platform to develop immersive training initiatives for internal programs and HCPs.

Robotics Hero

Revolutionize training and adoption

We have deployed simulation training for the most complex products.

Award-winning technology

Our virtual learning platform saves development time, costs, and logistical stresses by building a digital twin of your product in VR.

Improve ROI with VR

Marc Bolton, Sr Clinical Affairs Manager of Strategic Programs at Teleflex (Interventional Urology), shares how Fundamental Surgery has transformed his organization by improving the ROI of his training initiatives through accelerating team competency.


Haptic technology

Enhance your training simulation with haptic feedback. With the ability to replicate soft tissue, muscle, bone, and more, you and your teams can engage with a virtual environment that is fully optimized with sense of touch to give a truly immersive learning experience.


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