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Our customizable, flexible, and cost-effective multi-user VR training solutions are helping ophthalmology industry leaders accelerate product and procedure rollout globally.

Setting the industry standard

Novartis Case Study
The AAO has partnered with FundamentalVR to develop their very
first virtual reality-powered clinical education initiative: free, open,
simulation training for ophthalmologists worldwide using VR.
Novartis Case Study

“The potential to improve training programs is huge…There is simply no substitute to performing a task again and again to master the basics. These platforms provide a safe, lifelike environment in which trainees can practice as much as they want, with real-time feedback that allows for course correction.”

Faruk H. Orge, MD, Executive Editor of the KTEF Pediatric Ophthalmology Education Center.

Our platform in action

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Cataract Surgery Training

We are helping to democratize surgical training and cure preventable blindness globally.

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Ocular Gene Therapy Delivery

Our immersive VR solution is increasing our partner’s ability to commercialize and launch their product outside the US.


ATIOL Insertion

This HapticVR™ simulation is facilitating product adoption and accelerating confidence and competence for our partner.

Fundamental Surgery provided Orbis with the tools to solve a global problem. This partnership has enabled better training and better patient care worldwide. I am very proud of the partnership we have developed over the years, and am excited for what’s to come.

Dr Hunter Cherwek | Orbis International

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Accelerating ophthalmic product and procedure rollout

Replicating sense of touch

Our patented kinesthetic HapticVR™ technology enables safe and compliant skills transfer by simulating sensations in the most delicate procedures. This includes tactile feedback when conducting incisions, trocar placement, scleral tissue manipulation, and more.

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Award-Winning and Industry Recognized

The Fundamental Surgery platform has been recognized for its ability to improve skills acquisition and patient care, all while saving costs and logistical stresses, by building accurate digital twins of products in high fidelity VR environments.

Hear from the experts

Leading surgeons agree that FundamentalVR is accelerating surgical competence and confidence.

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Virtual Reality in Ophthalmology: The New Frontier with Ashlie Leal

Listen to our Director of Ophthalmology, Ashlie Leal, and top vitreoretinal surgeon Joshua Mali, MD, discuss immersive technologies’ exciting impact in the ophthalmology space.

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