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Implement a customized, flexible, and cost-effective training solution for your medical device rollout. See how CMR Surgical has used our platform capabilities to develop Versius VR.
Robotics Hero

How we aid medical training

We have deployed simulation training for the most complex robotic education solutions.

World leading technology

Our algorithms save development time and costs by effectively simulating inverse kinematics (robotic motion) that healthcare teams can interact with.

Accurate digital replicas

Avoid expensive logistical challenges by developing a digital replica of your robotic equipment. Skillfully designed and fully responsive, your replica can be engaged with in virtual reality to help teams fully understand usage.

Multi user robot

Multi-user Capabilities

Provide remote training through our uncapped multi-user capability from anywhere. Engage with equipment, demo procedures, or share case files to aid understanding and accelerate confidence. The simple answer to bridging the physical divide.

Despite the challenges of a global pandemic and an ever-evolving surgical robot, Fundamental Surgery have always worked closely with us to manage the project delivery and to ensure the end product is exactly how we envisioned it.

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