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From facetectomy and spinal pedicle screw through to complex neuro procedures, our haptic-enhanced platform with high fidelity graphics can accelerate skills acquisition.


Learn how to identify and mark the facet joint, and all the skills associated with the safe removal of the facet joint, to gain clear access to the intervertebral disc without damaging the surrounding structures.

Main learning objectives

Spinal pedicle screw

Prepare the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae for pedicle screw insertion using various tools such as the rongeur, pedicle awl, and pedicle probe. The key learning is focused on the specific sagittal and transverse angles and screw depths required for each pedicle channel along the spine.

Main learning objectives

How we aid surgical training

Insights Dashboard

Data Insights

We can objectively measure performance – showing trends with confidence that lead to consistency and compliance across the board. All available on off-the-shelf, low-cost hardware.

Replicating sense of touch

Our patented kinesthetic HapticVR technology enables safe and compliant skills transfer by simulating sensations encountered in surgery. Feel medical instruments interact with human bone, muscle, and soft-tissue as you upskill using virtual reality.

Sense touch spine

Multi-user Capabilities

Provide remote training through our uncapped multi-user capability from anywhere. Engage with equipment, demo procedures, or share case files to aid understanding and accelerate confidence. The simple answer to bridging the physical divide.

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