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Having worked alongside industry leaders like Teleflex, we have significant experience in building training simulations for novel products and procedures in urology.


We are delighted to offer our customers this leading VR platform for surgical and procedural education which offers advanced, realistic graphics to help demonstrate the ease of use of the UroLift® 2 System in a variety of prostate anatomies. FundamentalVR’s Fundamental Surgery platform is versatile and scalable, making them an ideal supplier to meet our customers’ needs for training for the UroLift® 2 System around the world.

Kevin Hardage

President and General Manager of Teleflex Interventional Urology

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How we aid medical training

Multi User

Multi-user Capabilities

Provide remote training through our uncapped multi-user capability from anywhere. Engage with equipment, demo procedures, or share case files to aid understanding and accelerate confidence. The simple answer to bridging the physical divide.

Replicating sense of touch

Our patented kinesthetic HapticVR™ technology enables safe and compliant skills transfer by simulating sensations in the most delicate procedures.

Replicating sense of touch
Lady on laptop checking Insights Dashboard

Data Insights

We can objectively measure performance – showing trends with confidence that lead to consistency and compliance across the board. All available on off-the-shelf, low-cost hardware.

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