The rapid advancement of individual medical technologies, techniques, and products make it impossible to teach and learn effectively. The FundamentalVR platform provides one unique channel with blended VR modalities to keep up with the increasingly complex amount of information, technology, and automation that is developing exponentially. One package, to meet all the needs and requirements to drive adoption and maintain compliance across the board.

FundamentalVR provides an alternative VR training tool for spinal surgeons for medical devices, pain management devices, spinal tools and unique medical procedures. The patented HapticVR technology offers a dynamic framework of medical spinal procedures that can provide measurable learning environments for skills transfer and assessment.

The technology offers a breadth of learning, from core competencies through to highly complex procedures such as single position surgical approaches. Each using different virtual environments and technologies suited to the user’s requirements.

Unlike other VR solutions which are tied to one type of technology, and often do not have haptics, Fundamental Surgery provides companies security in their tech roadmap by being device agnostic and offering a blended VR platform.

Provide remote coaching and training through the unique unlimited multi user capability from anywhere in the world. Use the platform for information management, robotic briefings, x-ray discussions, multi-imaging modalities or enter the virtual OR and use virtual anatomical plans and dissection fields to understand, teach and practice in a safe, engaging environment.  

We are already working with leading innovators who are adopting this technology today. Our partnerships with leading spinal institutions and spinal surgeons help us create, implement, and drive the platform and it’s technology forward. 
The power of haptics is a key feature of our platform. The scale provided on our platform ranges from @HomeVR mastery to learn the procedural steps using cutaneous haptics, through to full immersion & skills transfer with full kinesthetic HapticVR.
Enhance your relationships through the platform, by leveraging the blended-VR capabilities. The platform has ease of set-up and use and can be deployed easily and globally quickly and efficiently, meaning additional channels to collaborate, during real-time teaching and learning.
We are working with residents, fellows, enterprise customers, and top teaching hospitals to ensure compliance and confidence from the beginning. Shortening the learning curve, and implement products & devices more quickly and effectively.

Watch a short introduction of our haptic capabilities in our Facetectomy procedure

Neurosurgeon and Senior Consultant Chris Uff, explains the value of immediate feedback within the platform

Spinal Simulation Enquiry

Spinal Simulation Enquiry

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We have the capabilities of integrating live feeds of the user’s movements, to aid learning. This can be applied in the field of neuromonitoring, alignment assessment, navigation all using our proprietary HapticVR capabilites.

Join your team or colleagues inside a purpose-built virtual OR. The image to the left shows the scope of the operating room and the quality of the graphics.