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Trends in Medical Simulation Environments – The Future of Immersive VR

Immersive surgical training technologies are shaping the future of healthcare globally.
Published March 11, 2024

Author: Michelle Halsne, VP of Sales at FundamentalVR

Takeaways from SAGES Innovation Weekend

Data-Driven Insights

As the healthcare industry increasingly incorporates data analytics and artificial intelligence, conferences like SAGES highlight the importance of data to drive surgical decision-making. The SAGES Innovation Summit exemplifies surgeons’ dedication, alongside pioneering device innovators, to advance surgical best practices and advanced training.  It stands as the quintessential forum to highlight the transformative potential of immersive VR in a pivotal role in shaping patient outcomes.

Highlights from the “My Favorite Surgical Trainer or Simulator” Panel Discussion

Immersive VR is a robust and scalable training tool – not only for learning key steps and concepts but also for team training.  Device-agnostic companies like FundamentalVR stand in a really unique space. Our ability to create and design for both Meta and Apple products brings immense value to the MedTech space. 

Patient Safety and Quality Improvement

Improving patient safety and enhancing the quality of surgical care are core priorities for SAGES. The conference featured sessions on risk mitigation, quality metrics, and best practices for ensuring optimal surgical outcomes while minimizing complications.

“SAGES Innovation Summit shows the commitment by surgeons alongside device innovators to advance surgical education and training at the cutting edge of technology.  It is the ideal meeting to showcase the power of immersive VR and how we play a critical role in patient outcomes.”

Michelle Halsne, VP of Sales, FundamentalVR

Looking Towards the Future of VR

Opportunities for skill development through in-person team training & remote learning are pushing the boundaries of immersive VR. AI & ML insights improve the learning,  tracking, and assessment of skills acquisition, leading to improved and more confidence in certifications.

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