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Use cases

Marketing, Promotional and HR teams

Build an immersive VR experience that will reinforce your company’s message, skills, and capabilities to your audience. Communicate product and procedure benefits in an easily-to-consume and interactive way at events, within the onboarding process, and more.

Simplify your offering

Communicate your company’s unique selling points in an interactive, easy-to-use format. Virtual reality can clearly support your marketing narrative by explaining complicated products and procedures simply.

Accurate digital replicas

Our accurate digital replica of your device, equipment, and medical instruments enable prospects to understand their usage and use case.
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Haptic technology

Enhance your training simulation with haptic feedback. With the ability to replicate soft tissue, muscle, bone, and more, you and your teams can engage with a virtual environment that is fully optimized with sense of touch to give a truly immersive learning experience.


Support internal communications

Ensure your team stays up to date with your company’s latest developments and retains their competitive edge. Medical simulations can help educate staff on new procedures, products, and capabilities offered by your company – all in a timely and cost-effective manner. Avoid the possibility of any knowledge gap by upskilling staff with Fundamental Surgery.

Virtual training hub

Our learning spaces cater to all levels of a training cycle. Carry out group meetings, case support training, and product and procedure demonstration all within virtual reality. It has never been easier for clinical education and healthcare teams to learn together and collaborate.

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