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Use Cases

Physician & Healthcare Teams Training

Accelerate the learning curve and expedite the smooth adoption of your product or procedure by building an immersive, flexible VR simulation that can demonstrate usage remotely to clients across the globe. Backed by world-leading haptic technology and accurate digital replicas, our simulations offer a level of data-backed learning that you will not find anywhere else.
Training External

Adoption made easy

Virtual reality can effectively communicate your product or procedure, ensuring your clients receive easily consumable training and can apply this new knowledge accurately.
Skills Development

You can view our Ophthamology webinar in full in our webinars section.

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Accurate digital replicas

Our accurate digital replica of your device, equipment and medical instruments will allow your clients’ medical teams to practice and understand their usage in VR. This improves the efficacy of skills transfer, ensures successful execution of your innovation, and saves on logistics costs.

Haptic technology

Support your digital replica with haptic feedback. Have clients and their medical teams interact with your replica that is fully optimized with sense of touch to give a truly immersive learning experience.

Skills Development

Virtual training hub

Our learning spaces cater to all levels of a training cycle. Carry out group meetings, case support training, and product and procedure demonstration all within virtual reality. It has never been easier for clinical education and healthcare teams to learn together and collaborate.

Our platform in action

Orbis Case Study

Case Study

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Cataract surgery

Orbis needed a low-cost, effective way of safely training their surgeons. With doctors all over the developing world in remote places, they needed something portable but that would enhance the quality of ophthalmology practice.

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Novartis Case Study

Case Study

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Sub-retinal gene therapy

Novartis had a challenging requirement to develop a reproducible simulation of administration of ocular gene therapy using virtual reality. FundamentalVR created a haptic simulation, for a sub-retinal injection, which has been informed by several leading KOLs and is a very exciting medical education tool for surgeons to train on sub-retinal injection.

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Fundamental Surgery provided Orbis with the tools to solve a global problem. This partnership has enabled better training and better patient care worldwide. I am very proud of the partnership we have developed over the years, and am excited for what’s to come.

Dr Hunter Cherwek | Orbis International

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