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Sales & Clinical Support Teams

Ensure your sales and clinical support teams sell with complete confidence. Immersive training modules can quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively improve case support competency while fast tracking independence in the field.
Sales and clinical support teams

Save on sales training

Immersive technologies in training can positively impact ROI and maximize revenue for your business. Geared for remote learning and repetitive practice, our platform allows professionals to engage with cases at the very early stages of the training cycle in virtual environments. These are fully equipped with the tools necessary to accelerate learning – meaning lower costs and shorter training cycles.

Lower logistics costs

Travel, accommodation, training space rental, equipment shipment, and other expenses amount to a costly total per training cycle. With our platform, quality training becomes repeatable without any additional costs. Errors made by trainees can be built on in real-time, with complete data assessments. This data is also available to inform future VR sessions. The return on investment is indisputable.

Universal hardware compatibility

We prioritized making our platform software compatible with every VR headset and haptic kit available. This gives our customers the flexibility to use hardware brands that best suit different business needs and budgetary requirements. Most importantly, as technology innovates, you are not left tied to old hardware.

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Virtual training hub

Our learning spaces cater to all levels of a training cycle. Carry out group meetings, case support training, and product and procedure demonstration all within virtual reality. It has never been easier for clinical education and healthcare teams to learn together and collaborate.

Our platform in action

Orbis Case Study

Case Study

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Cataract surgery

Orbis needed a low-cost, effective way of safely training their surgeons. With doctors all over the developing world in remote places, they needed something portable but that would enhance the quality of ophthalmology practice.

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Novartis Case Study

Case Study

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Sub-retinal gene therapy

Novartis had a challenging requirement to develop a reproducible simulation of ocular gene therapy administration using virtual reality. FundamentalVR has developed a haptic simulation for a sub-retinal injection, which has been reported by several leading KOLs, and is a very exciting medical education tool for training surgeons on sub-retinal injections.

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Despite the challenges of a global pandemic and an ever-evolving surgical robot, Fundamental Surgery have always worked closely with us to manage the project delivery and to ensure the end product is exactly how we envisioned it.

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